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The History...

Initially, an interest in Digital Audio Modifications including Power supplies, Clocking, digital filtering and the analogue domain has lead to a sizable modification portfolio. A healthy interest in early philips chips like the multi bit TDA1541A used in many high end players of the time like Marantz, Philips and Meridian. This DAC has also been used in some much later high end products such as the Abingdon Music Research CD-777 which I believe is still current. The use of Boutique components from Mundorf, Black Gate and Elna with their newer Cerefine range, reworked power supplies & audiophile low noise ( SPower and Hifisounds ) regulators, clock and clock distribution upgrades and discrete output stages in place of opamps. Driven to make the digital music experience as "Analogue" as possible.....

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Moving into the "Modern" digital era

Later experimentation with network based audio including working originally with Slim devices and ultimately Logitech Squeezebox technology. The use of WAV and FLAC based audio into vastly improved versions of the SB3 and SBTouch with the latest piece of the jigsaw being the processing of the I2S data into the DAC itself via some very clever and bespoke upsampling technology originally designed by Anagram Tech in Switzerland. This technology has been used by Audio Aero in the form of their S.T.A.R.S processor for several years. Initially upsampling to 192Khz with the latest processors reaching 384Khz.




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  • Low Noise Linear Regulator
  • Low Noise Low Jitter Master Clock
  • Quad 384Khz Upsampling DAC
  • Audio Aero Upgrade DAC PCB
  • Custom electronic upgrades
  • Marantz CD63 KI Upgrades
  • Bespoke modifications
  • Fidelity Audio Products
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The power supply is everything..........

From component hop ups to the custom quad DAC design incorporating swiss 384Khz Anagram Edel upsampling filter with sonic scrambling.

Following the success Fidelity Audio SPower, the HiFiSounds linear FET output regulators and clocks now perform exceptionally well. With the successful DAC chip testing utilising the Audio Aero 192Khz STARS processor, work is now well underway on the test dual and Quad DAC 384Khz upsampling unit.

Updates to follow

GValve Audio

GVA-30 Valve Evolution Defined

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  • Output Power : 30 Watts. (5 Ohms) True root mean square measured at clipping and 235v mains supply
  • Output Impedance : 4 to 8 Ohms optimised for 5 Ohms
  • Frequency Response : 10 Hz – 30 kHz 1.0 dB
  • Hum and noise : ≥ 86 dBA
  • Sensitivity : 1.8 volts for maximum output
  • Valve line up : 4 x KT88, 3 x E88CC, 2 x GZ34
  • No Compromise on Component choice throughout Mundorf Silver oil caps for signal path &
  • Size : W 240mm – L 440mm – H 235mm. Weight : 26 Kg (approx) each monoblock
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The amplifier is a product of many years development and has had the interim appraisal and technical advice of Martin Colloms, one of the United Kingdom’s top Electro-acoustical engineers.

The GVA-30 is designed and optimised to drive most modern high quality loudspeakers and being free of Global Negative Feedback provides a natural, accurate and dynamic response giving rise to a superb audio performance.

Each amplifier runs two pairs of KT88s as Triodes in class “A”, driven from a cathode follower and balanced phase splitter to provide 30 watts RMS power at clipping, more than enough for domestic listening. The output valves operating as triodes keep third harmonic distortion to a minimum and maximise loudspeaker damping. The power supply uses two GZ34 rectifiers for longevity and reliability.

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